Continuous 90-day cardiac telemetry via a wearable


A growing epidemic

49M people are impacted by Atrial fibrillation (AFib) globally.

A growing epidemic - 49 million people are impacted by AFib globally
  • 32% of global deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease
  • iconHeart attack & stroke account for 85% of these deaths. AFib is a leading cause of both
  • iconBy 2030, the number of people with AFib is expected to increase by up to 70%
  • iconEvery 10 years AFib causes a 1.8-5.6x increase in healthcare costs
  • icon2.6% of total annual healthcare expenditure globally is associated with AFib

Diagnostic Need

Long-term continuous data capture.

Galenband is the first wearable telemetry system capable of continuously monitoring cardiac function over a multi-month period, accompanied by a powerful prescription and data analysis platform that streamlines workflows for clinicians.

Developed by engineers from world-renowned institutions, Galenband boasts a suite of medical-grade sensors to support the capture of diagnostic-quality data.

Data is transmitted to Galenband securely via cellular networks without the need for apps, freeing wearers from the burdensome configuration associated with other devices.

  • Up to 90 daysGalenband
  • Up to 14 daysPatch Monitor
  • Up to 48 hoursHolter

AI-Supported Reporting

Reduce data analysis time.

Galenband Portal

Galenband automatically transmits cardiac activity to the Galenband analytics portal via cellular networks. Advanced algorithms monitor this data and flag abnormalities as they are detected. The analytics portal automatically generates output reports which are validated by Galenband Cardiac Technicians prior to review by the original prescribing clinician.

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Contextual Data Collection

Enabling accurate decision-making.

  • Water ResistantWater Resistant
  • Impact ResistantImpact Resistant

Galenband uses its array of onboard medical-grade sensors to gather detailed biometric information surrounding health events, generating a comprehensive health profile for the wearer and enabling clinicians to precisely determine the optimal pathway of care.

  • Activity LevelsActivity Levels
  • Respiratory DataRespiratory Data
  • Stress TrackingStress Tracking
  • SPO2 MonitoringSPO2 Monitoring
  • Sleep QualitySleep Quality
Galenband in situ
Breathing Disturbances Graph
No anomalies detected

In addition to directly measuring cardiac events, Galenband can provide insights into respiratory function, exercise tolerance, and sleep quality, enabling the identification of comorbidities that would otherwise be missed with conventional ECG devices.

Long-term, continuous, convenient

An accessible alternative to implantables.

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Galenband Fabric Weave
Companion App

Designed to allow carers to track device function. Ideal for assisted living facilities where multiple Galenband devices are deployed.

Galenband Fabric Weave
Interchangeable Bands

Galenband sends devices directly to patients. Devices are shipped with comfortable bands accommodating a broad spectrum of arm sizes.

A fully charged battery
90daysbattery life
Record Autonomy

Continuous recording of diagnostic-quality data for up to 90 days with no need to charge the device during the prescription period.

Continuous Telemetry
Continuous Telemetry

Galenband devices monitor patients around the clock, notifying clinicians if a health event occurs, enabling timely intervention.